[JDEV] Presence Hierarchy

Mathias Waag mathias.waag at web.de
Fri Jan 24 11:21:49 CST 2003


I have some question about Presence Information. I am just reading
"Programming Jabber" from DJ Adams, so I know the normal way of subscribing
to the Presence of somebody else. And I also know how the Presence Infos are
sent to the subscribers(via the roster).
Now we suppose that I have created the following Presence "Hierarchy":
- online
    - at home
        - watching tv
        - available for chat
    - at work
        - meeting in room 5
        - on the phone
        - coffee break
- offline
I have two groups in my roster. coworkers and friends/family. How is it
possible that the 2 groups receive different Presence Information? For
example the coworkes shouldn´t know what I am doing at home. They should
just receive the presence information "at home" while me friends should
receive a more detailed information. Is it necessary to send 2 Presence
Infos, each for one group?

mathias waag

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