[JDEV] [jadmin] WPJabber announce

lukasm lukasm at wp-sa.pl
Thu Jan 30 05:45:06 CST 2003

Ed Coughlin wrote:

> I heard some really great performance benchmarks for WPJabber this 
> morning and I was wondering if you had collected any baseline data?  
> If so, would you mind sharing the class of hardware, CPU#, memory and 
> O/S platform for specific levels of concurrent connections?  Sounds 
> like you have had some performance breakthroughs and I would like to 
> learn from them.
> Thanks,
> Ed

Our jabber.wp.pl server stays on 2 machines.

One machine with wpjabber and second with WPJ and jabber with dialback 
module to connect to other servers.

First machine is:
 - 2xPIII 800 MHz
 - 1024 MB RAM
 - linux redhat 7.3 with 2.4.18 kernel.

Second machine is:
 - 2xPIII 500 MHz
 - 512 MB RAM
 - linux redhat 7.3 with kernel 2.4.18 with dev/epoll patch.

We need two machines due to our network architecture, so WPJabber nad 
WPJ can be on one machine.
We have 3 WPJ listening on different ports.

Some data:
 - with 10 thousand concurrent users online we have cpu usage about 2-5% 
on first machine and
0-2% on second machine.
 - maximum cpu usage is 15% for wpjabber.

 WPJabber with xdb_file cache takes about 130 MB RAM,
 All WPJ takes about 80 MB RAM.

Benchmark data:
 - benchmark was made with special tool jab_simul that can 
log/logout,send messages, change presence and add/remove roster items.
 - we have 5xWPJ with 12 thousand maximum users configured
 - benchamark parameters for every user ( user name was user%d , wher %d 
is from 0 to 49999 )
log after 90 sec
logout after 30 min
send message every 90 sec and anserw with 50% propability
change presence every 5 min with 30% probability
add/remove item every 10 min with 30% probability

We have 20 jab_simul's, and every jab_simul was operating in it's users 
so user 0 was could send messages to users with numbers from 1 to 2499.

After one hour test:
- wpjabber taked 800MB ram
- WPJ's taked 300MB
- wpjabber cpu usage was very high about 80% with maximum 100%
- WPJ's cpu usage was about 50%

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