[JDEV] Jabber Oracle database interface

Jonathan Augenstine jaugenstine at jambotech.com
Fri Jan 31 12:21:22 CST 2003

I am working on developing a module to interface Jabber to Oracle.  My
intention is to contribute this module into the Jabber/xdb_sql open
source when it is cleaned up.  I have a few issues that I could use some
help with.

My current setup:
Solaris 8
Gcc 2.95.3
Jabber 1.4.2
Xdb_sql 1.2
Oracle 8i (rel 8.1.7) OCI interface

I used the xdb_mysql and xdb_odbc as reference/starting points.

First, the module is more or less working at the moment, but I have some
bugs.  I can log in, subscribe to the presence of another user, and send
messages.  When one of the users logs out and logs back in the other
user does not receive a presence message.  I do not see any database
access by the server when checking the log output.  The user logging
back in also does not receive its roster list, again I do not see any
log activity indicating database access attempts.

Another problem I an encountering (which I encountered even before
embarking on this task) is that when I log in with certain clients the
log output tries to print an unprintable character, the log output to
the window becomes corrupted, and I have to do a hard reset of the
terminal window.  Is this a bug that may have been fixed?  It does
complicate troubleshooting.

What I need.  Some assistance from someone who is very familiar with the
Jabber server code and hopefully the Oracle OCI interface.

1. Debugging to track the presence message problem and testing
2. Code review to help me clean up the code for submittal to include in
the xdb_sql module.  I am not a database programmer and I have developed
this module by looking at the current ones and reading the OCI manual.
I suspect I may have some very inefficient code relative to the database
3. Info on how to submit and who to submit the code to, once it is
cleaned up.

Jonathan Augenstine
Sr. Software Engineer
JamboTech, Inc.
jaugenstine at jambotech.com

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