[JDEV] Problem in connecting to jabberd

Van Gale vangale at fastmail.fm
Mon May 12 03:22:11 CDT 2003

Hi Rajeev,

If you can give us more details we can provide a more precise help.

For instance:

What language, or languages, do you want to use for development?  What 
OS?  Do you want to develop a complete Jabber client?

Anyway, as a generally helpful pointer, check out 
<http://jabberstudio.org> which is basically the "sourceforge" of the 
Jabber community.  You can find quite a few open source Jabber clients 
there in many languages and for many platforms.  You can also find 
libraries that might be helpful for you in developing a client.

For protocol documentation look at <http://jabber.org>.  There are 
several good books available also.

Welcome to the community!


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