[JDEV] Re: Problem in connecting to jabberd

Van Gale vangale at fastmail.fm
Mon May 12 08:41:58 CDT 2003

Ok, first check out the Java clients at jabberstudio.


Then take a look at the Java based clients there: Buddyspace 
<http://buddyspace.sourceforge.net/> and Greenthumb 
<http://greenthumb.jabberstudio.org/>.  There might be more, I'm not sure.

They can get you pointed in the right direction if you want to see 
actual Java code.

Now, if you want to learn more about the actual protocol, you can do one 
or more of the following:

1. Look at the documentation at <http://www.jabber.org/protocol/>  The 
very first link on the page 
<http://www.jabber.org/protocol/xmlstreams.html> documents XML streams 
and how to start the connection with the server.

2. Another documentation source is the IETF drafts.  Look at 
<http://www.jabber.org/ietf/> to download/view the latest versions.  The 
xmpp-core document is the one that describes building a connection.

3. Check out the book Instant Messaging in Java: The Jabber Protocols 

4. Download the Exodus client.  Use it to connect to your server, but 
turn on "Show Debug XML" mode so you can watch how a working client 
connects, and what the XML looks like when sent to/from the server.

To answer your specific question about stream:

First you need to connect to the server on port 5222 with the socket class.

Then send:

<stream:stream to='host' xmlns='jabber:client' 

as documented.


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