[JDEV] XDB_SQL: Problems with the stored "token" value in "users0k" table

Alexis Darnois alexis.darnois at terravirtual.net
Thu May 15 12:00:39 CDT 2003

I use MySQL 3.23.49 on a debian Linux distribution.


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Subject: Re: [JDEV] XDB_SQL: Problems with the stored "token" value in "users0k" table

> hi,
> > About the "token" field written by XDB_SQL module  in the "users0k" table, it seems that the original token is transformed
> > beeing inserted, the token is generated by this line in "mod_auth_0k.c" (line 94):
> >
> >  sprintf(token,"%X",(int)time(NULL));
> >
> > It generates an eight character string like "3E9C3557". When I look the stored value in the table , I have 10 bytes stored in
> > "token" field converted in ASCII char because the "token" field type is "varchar". This stream has two bytes containing "08"
> > code which is the  ASCII backspace character code.
> very strange since nobody is supposed to modify this field between
> mod_auth_0k and xdb_sql ...
> does it happen with all the jabber accounts on your server ?
> (and btw, which DB are you using ?)
> regards,
> Benoit.
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