[JDEV] Segmentation Fault in xdb_sql_oracle.c

kongput kongput at softvation.com
Thu May 22 23:00:47 CDT 2003

I have tried to use oracle backend, when i test with trying to login and
logout several times, segmentation fault received. i have debug, and
found, the problem exist from file xdb_sql_oracle.c, at function
oracle_query, line 360.
parm_status = OCIParamGet(res->stmthp, OCI_HTYPE_STMT, self->errhp,
(dvoid**)&parmdp, (ub4) counter);
I don't know how to handle this bug.
Any suggestion from anyone??
I hope, there is a response and the conclusion.
I use oracle, and jabberd 1.4.2
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