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Chris Mullins cmullins at winfessor.com
Mon May 26 19:15:45 CDT 2003

Any chance of getting public storage formally written up as a JEP? 

I don't really want to include support for stuff that isn't documented,
but I'm fine supporting "Experimental" JEPS. 


Chris Mullins

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> Is there such a thing as Public storage, and if so, what happened to
> JEP? If not, what was the motivation behind not having it? 

Public storage is implemented by jabberd 1.4. You simply send a IQ set
with the query part in a non-"jabber:*" namespace, eg:

<iq type='set'>
  <foo xmlns='bar'>

To retrieve it, try:

<iq type='get'>
  <foo xmlns='bar'/>

AFAIK, the protocol has never been documented, and isn't implemented by
any other servers.


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