[JDEV] The easiest/fastest way to develop jabber apps?

Rosdi Kasim rosdi at paksiwawasan.com
Sat Nov 1 21:47:23 CST 2003

Hi all,

I am new to this Jabber world. I just been asked to develop and instant messenger software akin to Yahoo Messenger. However this yet to be named IM going to be used only within our organisation (not public IM).

Since I have only 3 months to deliver this, so I need to know what is the easiest and quickest way to develop one. I am no C++ guru, so if possible I want to avoid that. I am thinking of doing it either in Delphi or C#, Java is out of the question since I do not want to force everyone to install JRE to use the IM.

Brief Requirement:

- Platform : Windows 98 or above (for client, the server may use either Windows or Linux)
- Language : Preferably Delphi or C# (definitely not Java)
- Timeframe : 3 months

I am browsing the jabber website and doing google search right now.., however if someone can give me some pointers or directions that would be nice.. :-)


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