[JDEV] jabberd 1.4.3 release candidate again

Matthias Wimmer m at tthias.net
Sun Nov 2 01:59:08 CST 2003

Hi Bart!

Bart van Bragt schrieb am 2003-11-02 01:10:21:
> >It's not enough to copy pth ... you have to compile and install it too.
> True. But the jabberd makefile is supposed to take care of that.
> 1.4.2 comes with the pth 1.4.0 source, if I just do:
> ./configure --enable-ssl
> (which I should do according to the readme) then I get the warning that 
> I mentioned, even with 1.4.2 where I didn't do anything with pth myself.
> In the end jabberd works but it's not a good sign that it's giving 
> warnings like that ;)

Nope, jabberd 1.4.2 didn't care for the pth subdirectory either.

> BTW I _really_ dislike the way in which jabberd is organised, the source 
> and the binary stuff are really hard to separate. I really hope jabberd2 
> has something like 'make install' :D

Yes it does. jabberd2 has a automake/autoconf generated build
environment as you expect it.

Tot kijk

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