[JDEV] Chatting with the correct resource

Mikael Hallendal micke at imendio.com
Wed Nov 5 10:59:33 CST 2003


Ralph bugged me about Gossip not handling resources correctly when
chatting with a person that is logged in with multiple resources.

According to the spec we don't but I'm a bit unsure on how to handle
this in a way that both conforms with the spec and is good for the user

The paragraph in the spec is 4.1:

Basically what it says (if I underestand it correctly) is that if you
are chatting with a certain resource you are to continue to send your
messages there until you either get a message from that person with a
new resource set or that resource goes offline (that is how I interpret
"the resource is no longer available").

The problem with this is that you'll continue to send messages to a
resource even if another resource gets online and has a higher priority.
It also means that you are going to send messages to a resource even if
it's set as away and another resource is set online.

What I would like is that you send the messages to the resource with the
highest priority. In Gossips case this also means the resource that is
online has a higher priority than a resource set to away.

So to my question, this might be a good idea to clearify in the spec.
What does "available" mean, is it that the resource is online or that
the resource isn't busy, away, ext-away?

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