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Mikael Hallendal micke at imendio.com
Thu Nov 6 05:36:08 CST 2003

tor 2003-11-06 klockan 11.06 skrev Bart van Bragt:


> Hmm, IMO this is one of the implementation issues that should be at 
> least mentioned in the specs. It's _very_ confusing for the user if 
> different clients behave differently in this respect. I'm not saying 
> that some behaviour should be enforced in the client but it would be 
> nice if the clients would all try to use approx the same rules in this 
> respect.

I don't think this is such a big problem. Most people won't switch
between clients. Most people won't particulary care about which protocol
happens to be responsible for sending messages to there friends as long
as it works.

So, you probably don't have to explain how Jabber works, you just have
to explain how to work a particular client. There will (and should)
always be clients on different tech-levels, for example we are trying to
make a client that is as easy to use as MSN for a new user. PSI/Gabber
for example have functionality that we won't have (like support for
different profiles and multiple accounts) that might make sense to more
advanced users.

> So IMO in these cases it would be nice if there was some 'Client UI 
> design best practices'-guide :D

The fact that you are sending over Jabber shouldn't enforce anything on
your UI. I think however that it's very important to have rules on how
to behave with other clients (these are called specifications).

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