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milk miruku at bonbon.net
Thu Nov 6 05:41:04 CST 2003

Bart van Bragt <jabber at vanbragt.com> wrote on 06/11/2003 10:06:12:

>So IMO in these cases it would be nice if there was some 'Client UI 
>design best practices'-guide :D

well, there's the Jabber Client GUI Design page [ http://www.yabber.
org/design/ ], but personally i think that it would be a good idea to 
set up a wiki on this topic. there are many issues that 
would probably be best discussed using the wiki format, including 
client gui matters, discussion of an advocacy 'why jabber?' site, and a 
client review discussion, so people can have a clearer picture of what 
all the different jabber clients are like, rather than relying on the 
client's blurb or current (biased?) users.

p.s. can you please make the jabber.org/wiki theme a little plainer, in 
keeping with the simplicity of the easy usage wiki ethos, thanks :-/

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