[JDEV] MSN-T not sending presences to real MSN users

Lucas Nussbaum lucasml at ox.lucas-nussbaum.net
Thu Nov 6 12:12:48 CST 2003


I'm using the MSN gateway. When I :
- remove an MSN contact
- add it again	
My MSN contact doesn't see me as online anymore, but I see him as
I discovered that deleting an MSN contact removes the <item
jid='user at hotmail.com' subscription='both'/> from my jid.xml file in the
spool dir of my MSN gateway.
But when I add it again, the <item> tag isn't re-added to the file.

If I add it manually, to the file, I receive a message "We unsubscribed
from user%hotmail at mymsngateway, and the line is removed from the file

Can someone explain this behaviour ?

Thank you,


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