[JDEV] Open Source Java Jabber Server

Colin Bell colinb at gatewest.co.uk
Fri Nov 7 10:28:43 CST 2003

Raditha Wrote:
> Could you explain what exactly do you mean run under a servlet engine? 
> I know the servlet spec talks of non HTTP servlets but i haven't run 
> across any yet (yeah i guess it maybe my fault). Or maybe you talking 
> about tunnelling jabber over http?
Hi Raditha

What I really mean is a server that can, for example, setup to run 
under JRUN or Tomcat so that I can control it through a web interface 
and not have to run it as separate service, or an application. I'm just 
looking to see if someone else has made one before duplicate the effort 
by creating one myself, As Peter has pointed out, its very difficult to 

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