[JDEV] Open Source Java Jabber Server

Alon Weinstein alon at sreu.com
Fri Nov 7 11:02:09 CST 2003

Colin Bell wrote:
> Raditha Wrote:
>> Could you explain what exactly do you mean run under a servlet engine? 
>> I know the servlet spec talks of non HTTP servlets but i haven't run 
>> across any yet (yeah i guess it maybe my fault). Or maybe you talking 
>> about tunnelling jabber over http?
> Hi Raditha
> What I really mean is a server that can, for example, setup to run under 
> JRUN or Tomcat so that I can control it through a web interface and not 
> have to run it as separate service, or an application. I'm just looking 
> to see if someone else has made one before duplicate the effort by 
> creating one myself, As Peter has pointed out, its very difficult to do.

I can't really see how (or why) you'd want the server to run *under* 
JRUN/Tomcat/any-other-servlet-container, unless you are aiming at an 
HTTP-binding server. The server should have its own process; if you want 
web-administration, how about simply adding a web-admin interface to any 
exiting server (be it Java-based or not)? You can add specific 
Jabber-extensions to control the server, or use any other method (like 
XML-RPC -- this is what they do in OpenGroupware.org for example to 
control things remotly).

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