[JDEV] MSN-T not sending presences to real MSN users

milk miruku at bonbon.net
Fri Nov 7 18:16:50 CST 2003

James Bunton <james at delx.cjb.net> wrote on 07/11/2003 21:41:50:

>My client by default doesn't send a remove auth packet to users when they're
>removed from my list, so if I delete somebody, they are still subscribed to
>my presence. Have a look and see if yours does.
>The reason MSN-t does this is because there is that after authorising an MSN
>user, the only way to stop them from seeing your presence is to block them.
>Blocking them also means that you will not receive messages or other auth
>requests from them.

i find the way msn-t handles one's msn roster to be really, really annoying. i once loaded up msn messenger after a year or so of using jabber, and got 
flodded with about 50 requestes that had been stored up from user accounts requesting an auth that i had deleted through jabber ages ago. why the 
transport can't actually remove the user you wish to 'unauth', rather than simply blocking them or whatever, i don't know.

p.s. that is a warning; don't connect to msn using the msnm program after soley using a jabber client to connect for some period of time if you don't want 
any hastle.

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