[JDEV] Re: jabberd 1.4.3 release candidate again

Frank Seesink frank at mail.wvnet.edu
Sat Nov 8 11:20:01 CST 2003

Downloaded latest CVS with all the newest Cygwin changes.  It 
compiles/runs great!  Thanks very much.  Hope this helps others as much 
as it does me.

Now if I could just figure out the debug mode issue, this would be 
perfect.  But don't let that hold things up.  I suspect the debug mode 
segfaults are due to some pth/fork() issue, which means a real change in 
code (which I have not touched to date...only how to compile/link). 
Those under Cygwin will have to live without using -D for the time 
being, as I suspect the fix for this may require much more time.  And 
hopefully by then Jabberd2 will up and running cleanly.

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