[JDEV] Memory leaks in mu-conference

Bernino Lind lind at hlgroup.dk
Sun Nov 9 05:09:47 CST 2003

Dear sirs,

Running latest cvs version of mu-conference, I still see memoryleaks.

I use mu-conference heavily in my setup, since all logged in users will
be put in a room and all communication happens as chat mesg. inside a

I get some [warn] (MU-Conference): [utils.c:823 (jid_fix)] ERR - id
NULL, but since jid_fix error is called from many places in mu-conf I
dont know the actual error.

I have 0 in history conf.

Im running FreeBSD 4.8, wpjabber and muc is an "external" component,
running via jabberd14.

Anyone also experienced memleaks?

Any ideas on how to solve it - what to debug?

best, bernino

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