[JDEV] resource not being added to presence tags

Brian Mila bmila at iastate.edu
Tue Nov 11 03:34:38 CST 2003

Hi all,
I'm having a problem when trying to use a username that includes a
resource.  I've got a client logged in using a resource, but when the
server broadcasts the client's presence to other people, the presence
tag does not always contain the resource of the client.  I've been
working around this issue by either maintaing a local copy of the roster
and then sending direct presence tags to each user, or by adding a child
element with a specific namespace using the <x /> tags.  However, this
doesn't work all the time, in particular it fails most often when
subscribing/unsubscribing.  Is there a way to force the server to always
append the user's resource to every presence tag?  I thought I read
somewhere in the XMPP IETF draft that the server is always supposed to
include a resource but its quite obvious that it doesn't.  Has anyone
encountered this problem before?  Am I just missing something simple?
On a unrelated note, is there a way to search the jdev archives?  I
couldn't seem to find any search utility for the list archives.
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