[JDEV] Yahoo-t 2.2.0 issues...

milk miruku at bonbon.net
Sat Nov 15 12:18:53 CST 2003

"Michael J. Kidd" <mjkidd at linuxkidd.com> wrote on 14/11/2003 14:26:44:

>About 75% of the time, I connect via y-t
>fine, but the other 25%, I get an 'Internal Server Error' ..  Is 
>anyone else out there having similar issues?  I have almost written it 
>off as Yahoo service issues, but it doesn't affect everyone on my 
>server at the same time.  But has affected everyone at sometime..

i get that 100% of the time. well, apart from last night when the yahoo 
transport on njs.netlab.cz decided to work for a few hours. but i'm 
receiving a 500 error from the transport again right now. i've always 
thought it was just the admins not caring, but if more than one 
implementation is getting this problem, i might as well mention my 

jid: milk at njs.netlab.cz
lj: user="mirukux"

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