[JDEV] IQ Packets

Matthew A. Miller linuxwolf at outer-planes.net
Tue Nov 18 17:32:38 CST 2003

When sending <iq/> stanzas to a client, they must be addressed to the 
"full" JID (e.g. "foo at jabber.org/resouce").  In the case of clients, 
only providing a "bare" JID (e.g. "foo at jabber.org") attempts to query 
that user's server for the requested information (IIRC).

Since the namespace is unknown to the server, it looks up that user's 
public storage (not sure if that's documented anywhere, but it behaves 
similarly to "iq:private") (again, IIRC).

-  LW

Stephen Pendleton wrote:

>Question regarding IQ packet behavior:
>If I send an IQ packet like:
><iq type='get' to='foo at jabber.org' from='from at jabber.org' id='1111'><loc
>shouldn't that get delivered to the JID foo at jabber.org, even if the server
>doesn't support the GEOLOC jep (0080)? It never seems to get delivered to
>the JID, but the server sends an empty reponse.
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