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I need.

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> The only video conferencing I've seen using jabber is mine, but I might have
> missed something. I use the Flashcom server for the audio/video part, you
> can use the http port if necessary for that. It requires either running your
> own flashcom server, free but a max of I think 4 connections, or buying
> licences or using a flashcom server provider which can cost anywhere from 10
> dollars a month on up. There are lots of people providing video/audio chat
> with just the flashcom server, but the way I do it is to use the jabber
> servers for my text communications and just use the flashcom server for the
> video audio part of it, controlling the video/audio with commands sent via
> jabber.
> The only thing that you and the other person need to have installed is the
> Flashplayer 6 which I might add also comes in Linux flavour so this jabber
> video/audio chat also works on Linux, within Mozilla.
> The "drawback" to my version is that it isn't installed on your computer,
> you need to use your browser to visit the host's website instead ie it is
> embedded into a webpage. However, Macromedia's new "Central" installs on
> user's computer and then lets Flash use encryption and other security
> features. I have a version of my client that doesn't include encryption but
> does work within Central, thereby allowing jabber to access all sorts of
> things from movie reviews to weather updates, etc.
> You can contact me if you want a demonstration.
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