[JDEV] Videoconferencing with jabber

Carsten Breuer CarstenBreuerJabber at openwin.de
Wed Nov 19 14:39:49 CST 2003

Hi Greg,

thanks for the answer.

> The only video conferencing I've seen using jabber is mine, but I might have
> missed something. I use the Flashcom server for the audio/video part, you
> can use the http port if necessary for that. It requires either running your
> own flashcom server, free but a max of I think 4 connections, or buying
> licences or using a flashcom server provider which can cost anywhere from 10
> dollars a month on up. 

I'm very interested to see what you have allready.
Is it open source or commercial?

The thing with flashcom is that is not open source. If the server
software would be free, then it would be OK. But that way they can
control the thing and then i end up like i do with Micro$oft.

> There are lots of people providing video/audio chat
> with just the flashcom server, but the way I do it is to use the jabber
> servers for my text communications and just use the flashcom server for the
> video audio part of it, controlling the video/audio with commands sent via
> jabber.

That's the was i was thinking about. To start the connection with jabber 
and use then a direct communication. I dont want to reinvent the wheel.
So if your solution is open source, please let me know.
Is it posible to get the IP number of the person you are connecting with
from the jabber protocoll?

> The only thing that you and the other person need to have installed is the
> Flashplayer 6 which I might add also comes in Linux flavour so this jabber
> video/audio chat also works on Linux, within Mozilla.

Mozilla is great. I like it (Thunderbird. Fitrebird).

> The "drawback" to my version is that it isn't installed on your computer,
> you need to use your browser to visit the host's website instead ie it is
> embedded into a webpage. However, Macromedia's new "Central" installs on
> user's computer and then lets Flash use encryption and other security
> features. I have a version of my client that doesn't include encryption but
> does work within Central, thereby allowing jabber to access all sorts of
> things from movie reviews to weather updates, etc.

My solution would be a classical application written in C++ which uses
wxWindows ase the base. So the user must also install this.

> You can contact me if you want a demonstration.

Yes, would be interesting.



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