[JDEV] Videoconferencing with jabber

hernux hernuz at etherac.com.ar
Sat Nov 22 18:21:21 CST 2003


> Well, it runs fine on 98 except that it blocks video conferencing.
> The big problem ist that Netmeeting is now part of XP and the other
> problem is that it can only be started with the MSN-Messenger and the
> next problem ist that it doesn't allow connections to 98. Do you
> understand, what the friendly marketing devision at microsoft do?

It's not true... I've used Netmeeting on XP, without MSN-Messenger, and
conecting to Win98 and Win2K..
The shortcut, is not anymore, but the program is still there....just browse
to c:\program files\netmeeting and exec conf.exe... then, you will have the
shortcut again.


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