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Richard Dobson richard at dobson-i.net
Tue Nov 25 05:39:32 CST 2003

Why are you not doing the audio streams p2p? That would make far more sense


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> Hi Carsten,
> due to the ongoing discussion on both lists, i simply respond to both
> lists. it's hard crossposting, but it's for both roups relevant (i
> think).
> +After having thought about control structures, it makes sense to me to
> do the extra work and merge this creamed cake into a jabber server
> component. Otherwise a control channel to the server component would
> have to be opened, or a splitter to divide the incoming audio bytes from
> control bytes would have to be added, which won't make things less
> complicative.+
> Of course it is possible to create a standalone server relay, too.
> But my relation to jabber.org tells me to do it that way... ;-)
> ok.
> to speex: *now here comes the more important part, can we build a c++
> component which does what avrelay does? is it practicable to de/encode
> 100 streams with a c/c++ speex de/encoder in realtime?* COMMENTS WELCOME
> The other part is, what do you think about a cooperation? All help on
> this welcome!
> to jabber: *We would need some protocol enhancements to the jabber
> protocol to control muting of conference partners. It makes sense to me
> to enhance the current jabber MUC protocol with some audio/video
> specific stuff.* COMMENTS WELCOME
> Best regards,
> Ulrich
> P.s. on the relay, carsten:
> The relay you may download at
> http://greenthumb.jabberstudio.org/avrelay.html contains server and
> client.
> a server has to be started, onto which a client can connect.
> The client has to know the ip of the server.
> the client is started through the command listed on the avrelay.html
> page.
> the server is started through 'java uls.AVRelay'
> The server listens by default on port 10000 (i think), can't remember
> what i wrote 6 weeks ago.
> The server encodes in the session.java file.
> The client encodes and decodes in TestClient.java. You'll see the
> classes when looking through the code.
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