[JDEV] Jabber-based space game

Alexey Nezhdanov snake at penza-gsm.ru
Wed Nov 26 01:42:38 CST 2003

Hello. I'm intending to write a game similar to "Master of Orion" or 
"Elite"-series as jabber-server component. The main idea is to write a "Space 
life server" that will simulate economics and battles of whole galaxy. The 
user will register on service and participate in the game from now on.
Very similar idea is realized here:
but real4x - is a closed source game with proprietary clients. I wrote authors 
about sharing their ideas or ever participating in open project but they 
remain silent for now.

I think that such game can be build on a MUD-like principles. All control and 
most incoming data will be textual. So the usual jabber-client will play the 
same role as telnet plays in MUD game: you CAN use it but you will be much 
more comfortable with specialized one.
Another main idea is something that I call "feature binding". The client while 
connects to service, registers itsel as able to receive some types of data. 
F.e.: specialized client will register itself as "full featured", usual 
client will be registered by user in some simple way and will declare a 
"usual client subset". And I plan to write a special "SMS-client" that will 
take only a few short and most important events and deliver them to user's 
mobile phone and will take user's abbreviated commands and translate them to 
service for some "game correction". Since I am working for mobile operator I 
will easily make such client and since I planning to make project open and 
host in on sourceforge - (and ready game server somethere in Internet) many 
users all around the world will can to participate and make game more 

Alexey "Snake" Nezhdanov

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