[JDEV] Slashdot story, JER, READ THIS

Thomas Charron tcharron at ductape.net
Thu Nov 27 15:03:04 CST 2003

*somewhere, out on the net, someone finds a small lamp..  It's dusty, so
they rub it..  Once..  Twice..  Three Times..*

*In a puff of smoke..  POOOOF!*

Yes, repeat after me..


> IMO a must read. Also some interesting comments, especially when you are
> curious about the perception 'random' (tech) people have about
> Jabber/XMPP.

This quote just casued me to laugh..  Histerically..

"There was this earlier IMPP standards effort that yielded the requirement
documents for IM and presence, and the SIMPLE (SIMPLE is the IETF group
that extends SIP for IM and presence) guys kind of spun out of the IMPP
efforts almost immediately. I think XMPP for IM and Jabber started a
little bit later."

I COULD be wrong, but this guy?  But myself and Jeremie where in the room
with them when Microsoft initially released their specs..  Jeremies
initial introduction to the IMPP group is located here:


I believe we'd been in a change everything phase for at least a year
prior, way back in the days of..  Eee Ghads.  What was it originally? 
Jabberbox?  Then EtherX?  I digress.

Jabbers apperence TO the IMPP groups was well after work had been done,
and servers released.  That could be why the initial impression is an
after the fact..

In reality, it's becouse they didnt know we existed untill Jeremie
presented himself.  At the first Pulver instant messaging conference, I
recall people saying things along the line of..

"You can't pipe the entire of your messaging base thru one socket to AOL
proxying as a user!"

I seem to recall saying, in my head at least..  "I have NO idea what you
are rambling about..  But..  Here's a rabbit with pancakes on its head!".

< Visual can be found at!  http://www.e-thingy.com/~twolf/rabbit.jpg >

Overall, I'd say initial SI work coincides with work on Jabber.  But
becouse of different desired 'target audiences', there wasn't really a any
sort of overlap..

The where built for different things..

SIP DOES do presence.  It was presence built for a specific purpose,
really.  Essentially, they where built for SIMULAR things.  They happened
to converge in purpose once IM became ubiquitous to end users, and people
where looking for the best 'One Stop Shopping' set of standards/protocols.

Jeremie can probrably enlighten us further, if someone rubs his lamp..  ;-)

With that old subject line, he'll know immediatly who it is and it might
NOT just get mailboxed..

MMMwhahahahaha.. ;-)

*With a poof of smoke, tcharron returns to his bottle, as it hurtles
itself to some far shore, awaiting the next unsuspecting victim to rub

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