[JDEV] VideoConferencing protocol

Richard Dobson richard at dobson-i.net
Fri Nov 28 05:43:40 CST 2003

> Am Fr, 2003-11-28 um 11.31 schrieb Richard Dobson:
> > > 1) The MUC protocol should be enhanced to enable media conferencing
> > > administration, possibly merging text conferencing and media
> > > conferencing into one piece, allowing a media enabled MUC component.
> >
> > It would be better to design a separate generic audio conference
> > and control protocol, and just add an invitation protocol into MUC.
> Muc is great and is perfect for this. It just needs some enhancements,
> we don't need to reinvent the wheel. Maybe the conference can transmit
> some additional features during entering ...
> Yet another protocol will increase complexity. I like it simple and
> stupid. A MUC conference can then very easily contain an audio/video
> mixer!

Thats all well and good but you dont want to make audio conferencing
completely dependant on MUC otherwise you will have to create a second
protocol for doing audio conferencing outside of MUC, now that really is
creating complexity and duplication. Its far better to have a standard audio
conferencing framework that is not dependant on MUC or anything else like
that which you can then initiate from MUC, that avoids having a functional
dependancy on MUC (a very bad thing IMO) and also avoids unnecessary
duplication of protocols/code.


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