[JDEV] jabber applet over firewall

Mike Prince mike at mikeprince.com
Fri Oct 3 19:49:17 CDT 2003

> Is this possible to use the jabber applet behind a firewall? 
> only the 80 and 443 ports are open, but we have a socks 
> proxy. What does the partial support mean in that applet? 
> (according to jabber.org download page's "half star") thanks a lot,

Depends on the firewall configuration...

Let's assume:

  client <---> firewall <---> Internet <----> Jabber Server + Web Server
(same host)

1) client web browser loads applet from web server
2) applet connects to jabber on port 5222 

The above can happen if the firewall allows outgoing TCP connections to
port 5222, which is typical of many.

If your IT team is super protective and disallows outgoing connections
of everything but 80 and 443, you could use an applet which; 1) polls a
web server which has been configured to interface with a Jabber server,
or 2) polls a web server page which accesses the Jabber database
directly (such as the case of an SQL backend).

With any luck your firewall allows outgoing TCP to port 5222, or your IT
department is nice enough to open that one up for you.

Good luck,


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