[JDEV] interoperable log format jep wiki

milk miruku at bonbon.net
Mon Oct 6 06:12:05 CDT 2003

if you haven't been watching the standards-jig list recently (check the 
archive for more details), there's been some discussion on creating an 
informational jep, defining an interoperable chat log format. the point 
of this jep is primarily to facilitate the movement of chat logs from 
one client to another, i.e. from one's work client to one's home client 
(and vice versa), and secondarily as a possible format for internal use 
in a client. zion has set up a wiki for anyone to contribute their 
thoughts on the matter, so if anyone is interested, head on over :)

main chat log page:

and if you are new to wikis (like me), you might find this page handy:

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