[JDEV] jabberd 1.4.3 release candidate

Matthias Wimmer m at tthias.net
Thu Oct 9 10:01:16 CDT 2003

Hi Ralph!

Ralph Siemsen schrieb am 2003-10-09 10:04:07:
> I think you managed to get most of the changes, though there is one that 
> you might want to add: it has to do with mapping case in xdb storage 
> files.  This is to avoid problems when users try to log in with their 
> username capitalized differently than when they created the account.

This is something that should be fixed by the transports that have these
problems, not by the session manager.
The session manager itself has no problems with xdb as it always
converts the users to lowercase for xdb requests.

If one would patch the session manager to force everything to be
lowercase, this would result in even more troubles as the users that are
using mixed case and have registered there transports that way would not
be able to use the transport registrations anymore.

And by the way the only transport I am aware of that still has this
problem is the msn-transport. Hopefully there will be the new one soon
that will hopefully fix this too.

Tot kijk

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