[JDEV] jwchat released

Matthias Wimmer m at tthias.net
Fri Oct 10 15:14:08 CDT 2003

Hi Stefan!

Stefan Strigler schrieb am 2003-10-10 19:50:53:
> want to make some advertisement. I justed released JWChat as opensource.
> JWChat is a web based client that only uses JavaScript and HTML on the
> client side. On the server side you need to install two seperate server
> components which are also available from the website. The homepage of
> the project can be found at http://jwchat.sourceforge.net (sorry
> jabberstudio.org - took to long to get a project). There is also a demo
> installation available on this site. So try it out.

Looks very interesting. How have you implemented the communication
between the browser and the server? Is it only using html over http or
is the JavaScript doing some other stuff?
I'm asking because I'd like to know if your client works if the user has
no direct network connection but only access to the internet over a
proxy speaking http.

Tot kijk

(BTW: I couldn't contact my normal Jabber account - mawis at charente.de -
through your demo installation.)

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