[JDEV] jwchat released

Stefan Strigler steve at zeank.in-berlin.de
Sat Oct 11 07:06:24 CDT 2003


Am Fre, 2003-10-10 um 22.14 schrieb Matthias Wimmer:

> Looks very interesting. How have you implemented the communication
> between the browser and the server? Is it only using html over http or
> is the JavaScript doing some other stuff?

It's plain http. The server answers in JavaScript-code.

> I'm asking because I'd like to know if your client works if the user has
> no direct network connection but only access to the internet over a
> proxy speaking http.

This is configurable. Mozilla needs to run on port 80 so it runs on port
80. For IE the demo installation is configured to use port 8080. To use
port 80 you must have apache configured to redirect all request to the
internal port of the wcs component.

> (BTW: I couldn't contact my normal Jabber account - mawis at charente.de -
> through your demo installation.)

I disabled s2s communication on the server. I can enable it but first I
wanna have a good breakfast :)


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