[JDEV] Shameless JBother advertisement

Adam Olsen adamolsen at net-bizz.com
Mon Oct 13 12:04:41 CDT 2003


I would like to announce the release of JBother 0.8.6b, a Java Jabber

JBother supports GroupChat in a tabbed window, sounds, 3 transports
(AIM, MSN, Yahoo! - attempt to register for an ICQ transport will cause
JBother to disconnect), has a L&F switcher, and has many other cool

It is written in pure Java so will run anywhere the JVM can be run (I've
seen it working on Windows, Solaris, OS X, and Linux).

It uses the smack Jabber library

The latest version of JBother can be found here:


Adam Olsen
JID: synic at amessage.be

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