[JDEV] XML streams to clients

Matthew A. Miller linuxwolf at outer-planes.net
Mon Oct 13 11:33:35 CDT 2003

First, I would not recommend that you rely on all packets being 
terminated with a newline.  Unless your software is being developed and 
deployed in an environment completely controlled by you, this is going 
to be a constant problem.

Better to use read(byte[], int, int), and try to decode as much as 
possible.  Or even better, try to use one of the existing libraries, 
such as mine[1] (-:

-  LW

[1] JSO - http://jso.jabberstudio.org/

Jim Parslow wrote:

> I am having trouble developing in java for the jabberd server,
> I am rying to read in from a socket using bufferedreader and readline, 
> however, this does not seem to work and it appears that jabbered does 
> not send the "\n" at the end of it's response lines, so I am not 
> reading in any thing from the socket, is there a way to forsce the 
> server to send these "\n" carriage returns???
> best regards
> Jim parslow
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