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Smith, Jason JSmith at osc.uscg.mil
Tue Oct 14 09:03:25 CDT 2003

I had a problem with oracle segfaulting, but I was able to fix it.  I
rebuilt the oracle client library with the genclntsh script in the oracle
bin directory, but I linked the new client library to the pth pthread
emulation library instead of the glibc pthread library.  It seems that the
oracle client's use of pthreads doesn't play nice with pth, so you'll have
to use the emulation library.  This works fine as far as I can tell.

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Dear Sir,

The segfault in Oracle: are you 100% sure that you have checked the SQL
schema for foreign keys?

The thing is that  xdb_sql data model is 100% correct with the right
foreign keys and constraints, however when the SQL fires off an error,
xdb_sql does not know how to handle the error or so it seems and thus it
crashes the jabberd since it is dynamically linked to this process...

I had this problem using PostgreSQL and undoing the foreignkeys => no more
constraints, solved the problem. However then I have to be more MySQL'ish
in my data validation.

That means less lazyness => less time for coffee :-(

best regards, nino
(please "reply all")

> Hi! All,
> I have upgrade the pth from 1.4.0 to 2.0.0 of Jabberd-1.4.2 and it works
> well. Is it necessary?
> And the xdb_sql for oracle segmentfault is still there. Anybody  could
> help? ----- Original Message -----
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>> Peter,
>> Checked out the CVS code.  A few questions:
>> 1.  I notice that ./jabberd/pth-1.4.0 is not in CVS.  Will the final
>> tar/gzip file contain this when v1.4.3 is released (as it was in
>> v1.4.2)?
>> 2.  I also noticed a few minor changes to ./configure, namely removing
>>  instructions for building pth.  Will those be restored as in 1.4.2?
>> I'm working on patches to allow jabberd to compile cleanly under
>> Cygwin  like it does under *nix.  This basically involves just
>> modifying various  Makefiles, and following some simple steps like
>> building pth before  attempting to build jabberd (hence the
>> questions).  I'm doing the same  for JUD, MU-Conference, xdb_ldap, and
>> xdb_sql (all of which I've gotten  to compile).
>> I've had v1.4.2 running in production under Cygwin since July (dept.
>> use  only), with SSL support, JUD v0.5, and MU-Conference v0.3 (v0.5.2
>> would  cause segfaults, but v0.3 works great).  Recently I tried
>> turning up s2s  and had jabberd segfault.
>> In short, the two things that bite you in Cygwin are dynamic libraries
>>  and lack of BIND/libresolv.  I plan to write up more on this in the
>> future, but basically dynamic libraries in Windows end in .DLL, not
>> .a,  and require the use of a Cygwin wrapper tool so that they are
>> loaded by  Windows properly.  As for libresolv, Cygwin still does not
>> offer a BIND  or equivalent package, and it is ONLY an issue for
>> compiling apps which  require DNS resolution (like Jabber) via
>> functions like res_query()  normally offered in the libresolv library.
>>  Other than these two  differences, building under Cygwin is really no
>> different than Linux  (heck, Red Hat maintains Cygwin :-) ).
>> Also recently discovered minires v0.9.7, a nice non-caching resolver
>> written by someone obviously as frustrated with the lack of a
>> libresolv  as I am.  This MAY allow jabber (both 1.4.x & 2.0.0) to
>> build cleanly  under Cygwin--1.4.x via the modified Makefiles I will
>> submit, 2.0.0 by  the fact they're using autoconf and all the newer
>> tools which I believe  now automate the building of DLLs even under
>> Cygwin.  But won't know  with 2.0.0 'til I get past the ./configure
>> script (it's giving me sh*tfits).
>> Starting to test the 1.4.3 build now.  More to come soon.
>> Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
>> > On behalf of the jabberd 1.4 team, I'd like to announce a release
>> candidate for jabberd 1.4.3. It is expected that this will be the
>> terminal release for the jabberd 1.4 codebase. In order to test this
>> release, please check out the tagged code from the 'jabberd14'
>> module  on JabberStudio by typing the following command:
>> >
>> >    cvs co -r JABBERD_1_4_3 jabberd14
>> >
>> > For the next week, the jabberd 1.4 team will accept code patches
>> that fix known bugs in the code (NO NEW FEATURES!). Please send any
>> patches to jdev at jabber.org before the end of the day on Wednesday,
>> October 15.
>> >
>> > Thanks.
>> >
>> > Peter
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