[JDEV] Webbased Jabber client, running on port 80

Mattias Campe Mattias.Campe at UGent.be
Fri Oct 17 10:27:37 CDT 2003

Sebastian Vollnhals schreef:

> Hi, Mattias
> Am Fre, 2003-10-17 um 13.24 schrieb Mattias Campe:
>>Hi all,
>>I'm looking for a webbased Jabber client, running over port 80, so that I don't 
>>have to think about firewalls. 
> Maybe fenchurch is what you want.
> http://fenchurch.jabberstudio.org/
> Sebastian

Could it be that this one doesn't run on port 80? Because I remember 
that I've tried it in the past, but it failed because of the firewall. 
Or maybe this could be solved now?


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