[JDEV] jadc2s on jabber.org

Paul Curtis pcurtis at terrapin.com
Wed Oct 22 08:15:54 CDT 2003

Peter G. Millard wrote:
> The wpj stuff uses /dev/epoll which would require a new kernel on the
> existing box. The current kernel took _WEEKS_ to get going because of all of
> the special high-end hardware.

While epoll() would probably be the best solution, I understand not wanting to have a 
patched kernel. However, since you had to build a custom kernel for the "high-end 
hardware," what is the reluctance to add a well tested, performance enhancing patch to 
this kernel? I find it hard to believe (reading the HP specs) that a kernel took "weeks" 
to get running.

Perhaps you should draw on the depth of Linux knowledge that exists in the Jabber 
community rather than going it alone.


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