[JDEV] jadc2s on jabber.org

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Wed Oct 22 12:47:29 CDT 2003


This is an *interim* solution until the infrastructure team gets going
and can review *everything* about the current setup. There was a rather
serious security problem with jadc2s at existing loads (messages being
sent to someone other than the intended recipient) and connections were
being dropped, which is an unnacceptable level of service for the JSF to
provide. The use of the Jabber Inc. connection manager on an interim
basis will solve the problems we have been experiencing until a more
permanent and workable solution can be found. I am fully committed to
finding solutions that will use only open-source technologies.

BTW, the Board of the JSF has approved of doing this only as an interim
solution until the infrastructure team decides how to move forward. As
Executive Director of the JSF, I could have simply instructed the 
current admin team to make this change, but as always I prefer to do 
things above-board and get Board approval for such things.

If you have concerns about this decision, I welcome you to send them to 
the Board via board at jabber.org, communicate with any Board member, or 
talk with me personally. However, I don't think the JDEV mailing list 
is the appropriate place to discuss this. The JSF members list would
have been a better choice.

Finally, Ryan Eatmon is heading up the new Infrastructure Team within
the JSF, which will focus exclusively on our computing infrastructure 
and the service we provide. Once Ryan announces a call for volunteers,
JSF members who care about these matters can volunteer to join that team
and help define our policies and procedures in this area.



Peter Saint-Andre
Jabber Software Foundation

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