[JDEV] Jabber to Jabber gateway and other questions

Lucas Nussbaum lucas at lucas-nussbaum.net
Thu Oct 23 14:58:48 CDT 2003


Jabber is growing increasingly popular those days. More and more servers
are created, more and more users register on those servers, but users
often change their minds and their servers at the same occasion.

I can't find a jabber transport, that is, a transport which :
- when logged as user1 at serveur1
- enables me to log in as user2 on serveur2
- and send/receive messages to friend1 at serveur3 using my user2 at serveur2

Does such a transport exist ? The list archives pointed me to JET on
http://jabber.terrapin.com/, but this project doesn't seem to exist
anymore. And I'm not use it was doing what I wanted to.

If such a transport doesn't exist, I might consider coding one myself. I
found some excellent docs on http://docs.jabber.org, but the site seems to
have closed down. Where are the docs now ?

I read that components can either be internal or external. I think one
of the advantages of an internal component is that it can rely on xdb for
data storage. Am I right ? What are the other pro and cons ?

Is there a "component writing guide" ?

http://www.jabbercentral.org/, which is supposed to contain docs,
redirects me to http://forums.jabbercentral.org/ (browser is Moz 1.5).
Is it normal ?

Thank you,


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