[JDEV] Public Serverlist page

Jesper Krogh jesper at krogh.cc
Sun Oct 26 03:12:48 CST 2003

Thomas Cort sagde:
>> > Why is userbase important?
>> > Availablity is very important.
>> 'Userbase' indicates how popular the server is, which could translate to
>> how
>> likely it will remain running.
> It could also translate into how overloaded the system is. Using
> 'userbase'
> isn't really important. If people picked servers based on how many people
> are already on them then jabber.org would be toast.

Yes, and it will make sure that a new, good, stable server wouldn't be
chosen but a old unreliable would.

Reliability is the important factor here. How do we best measure that?


Jesper Krogh

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