[JDEV] Public Serverlist page

Bart van Bragt jabber at vanbragt.com
Sun Oct 26 08:06:20 CST 2003

Jeremy Lunn wrote:
>>I want to see servers with expansive web fronts.  Forums, Account 
>>registration, Server details, Whitepages, etc.
> Jabber Australia aims to do just that.  Though we still have a bit to
> do.  Need more coders.  :P  As it is we have forums and jabberd using
> the same accounts (still haven't officially gone public with jabberd
> though forum regulars can test it out and all).
IMO you're far from being alone. We're also trying to setup something 
like this on www.jabbernl.org and IMO jabberpl.org and jabberfr.org are 
doing the same. IMO it would be benificial to all of us if we could join 
forces and share resources/knowledge/code/ideas on some common ground 
like www.jabbercentral.org

It's kind of silly to invent the wheel several times ;)

Please contact me on Jabber (jabber vanbragt com) or contact me through 
jabbercentral. Thanks :D

BTW getting info on the reliability etc of servers isn't that hard. Just 
create some percentile for the uptime of that server.

Recommending specific servers is a bit tricky because this will likely 
create a few _very_ large public servers and it will make it almost 
impossible for new servers to gain a decent userbase. So IMO we should 
be a bit cautious with recommending the most popular servers. 
Recommending based on location (dutch servers for dutch users etc) is 
one way to accomplish that IMO.

"Faith is often the boast of the man who is too lazy to investigate." -- 
F.M. Knowles

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