Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Thu Oct 30 09:56:42 CST 2003

On Thu, Oct 30, 2003 at 05:06:32PM +1100, Robert Norris wrote:

> > JEP-0004 (x:data interfaces to the server)
> What does that mean? x:data doesn't mean anything without context (like
> x:data bits in registration, ad-hoc commands, etc).

Hmm, yeah, that doesn't really apply, I guess.

> > JEP-0106 (jid escaping)
> What does this mean for a server? It doesn't seem (from a quick reread
> of the JEP) that servers actually have to do anything with an escaped
> JID.

Hmm, perhaps the JEP needs to be updated. It seems to me that a server 
which supports JID escaping would enable me to register a user name like
<d'artagnan at cataclysm.cx>. In fact, some existing data stores might
already include email addresses of this form, and if a company wants to
map email addresses to JIDs, then it seems to me that the server would
need to support JID escaping. But maybe I'm missing something about this
JEP. I'll talk with Joe Hildebrand about it when he returns.

> > storefile (data storage on the file system)
> > storeldap (data storage in LDAP)
> > storeberkeley (data storage in Berkeley DB)
> > storepostgres (data storage in PostgreSQL)
> > storemysql (data storage in MySql)
> > storemssql (data storage in MS SQL Server)
> > storeoracle (data storage in Oracle DB)
> > storeactivedir (data storage in Active Directory)
> > storeother (data storage in some other storage system)
> Does an authentication source count as "data storage"? eg, j2 can auth
> against users stored in LDAP, but no user data is actually stored in

Perhaps my use of the term "storage" was too strong. Yes, the ability to
auth against those data stores woudl count. Do we perhaps need separate
categories for data storage vs. auth integration?

> > These are all boolean -- either you support them fully or you don't. If
> > you have been tracking the XMPP specs but support some really recent
> > version rather than the ones I published just the other day, we'll cut
> > you some slack and call your support complete. (If you support the XMPP
> > specs, we will list you at xmpp.org once that is up and running.)
> > These seem like the most important features, but feel free to suggest 
> > others. Perhaps items for the ability to connect or send messages via 
> > SMS, WAP, Wireless Village, SIP/SIMPLE, etc.? (The current features for 
> > "MS Exchange Integration" and "Netmeeting Integration" are not clear to 
> > me and to others who've asked me about them, which is why I've removed 
> > them from the list, but I can be convinced to add them back.)
> They sound more like transport features. If they're bundled with the
> server, then perhaps, but I can see a case where a server that comes
> with, say, a SIMPLE transport looks more featureful than a server that
> isn't bundled with one but can use a third-party version. This argument
> could also be made for features like "message logging".

Well, I can envision servers that include special c2s components that
enable you to do this stuff. Not sure how critical that is.


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