[jdev] An idea for a Jabber transport

Paul Curtis pfc at terrapin.com
Wed Aug 4 10:06:10 CDT 2004

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Trejkaz Xaoza wrote:
| Jabber transports.  At least one transport (Yahoo) uses bits of code
from GAIM already.
| But it uses only fragments of the code.  I started wondering whether
it could use the
| entire plugin, such that a Yahoo plugin from GAIM could be dropped in
and dynamically
| linked from the transport.
| I was thinking it could be based on JCR, and I could borrow code from
the Yahoo transport
| (as an example of how to use JCR) and GAIM (as an example of how to
load and use their
| plugins).

The biggest disadvantage I can see is that the Gaim plugins are not
designed to be accessed by more than one user. If you think of a
transport, there may be many, many users accessing the transport. So, to
use the plugins from Gaim, the first step would be to determine how to
create "sessions" that are exclusive to a particular user. If you can
figure out a good way to do that, then using JCR as the library for the
Jabber portion would work.

I used the Gaim Yahoo! code in the way I did because of the above
problem. At the time, I couldn't see how to load the plugin and use it
individually for each Yahoo-t "session". I haven't looked recently, so
perhaps there is a better way to handle it today.

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