[jdev] Composing notifications to someone not in "buddy list"

Jason Sonnenschein jes_jm at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 25 05:52:01 CDT 2004

Hi all,

I've been trying to patch the AIM transport to do composing notifications. 
It's definitely workable, already, but one nagging issue left...  Composing
notifications don't work when the AIM user isn't in the Jabber user's "Buddy
List."  Even if the AIM user wasn't there at the start of the conversation, you
can add them to your list, and things start working.

This confuses me because messages get through, just not the composing
notifications.  I'm using jabberd 1.4.3 and tried with both Fire (gaim based)
and a Psi patched to do JEP-22.  Is this just an expected "feature" of the
Jabber protocol, that I shouldn't fight against, or is this likely some problem
in my code.  If it's the latter... any suggestions of what the isssue might be?
 I can post pieces of the jabberd debug output, it it helps.

Thanks in advance,


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