[jdev] Small problem with the Yahoo Transport

Matthew A. Miller linuxwolf at outer-planes.net
Wed Aug 25 08:35:45 CDT 2004

Actually, I think this JEP might not be complete enough yet, and will 
speak with the author(s) about it.

It talks about raising and canceling, which are (in the text) treated as 
distinctly different operations.  That rule talks about "raising", not 
"canceling".  I've clients send the cancel as part of the reply.

Strictly from the JEP, it's not that clear the reply (containing a 
body)shouldn't include the <x xmlns='jabber:x:event'><id>...</id></x> to 
cancel the notification.

-  LW

PS:  This might be one (out of many) reason why JEP-0085 was brought 
about (-;

Alexey Shchepin wrote:
> Hello, Matthew!
> On Tue, 24 Aug 2004 15:58:37 -0600, you said:
>  MAM> According to spec[1], the <x xmlns='jabber:x:event'/> is
>  MAM> supposed to contain the <id/>.  This would appear to be a bug
>  MAM> with tkabber, not yahoo-t.
>>From [1], section 3.2:
> When raising an event, the raiser must send a <message/> element
> constructed according to the following rules:
> * The element must contain only a jabber:x:event extension. Standard
>   message elements such as <subject/>, <body/>, MUST NOT be included.
>  MAM> - LW
>  MAM> [1] JEP-0022: Message Events
>  MAM> <http://www.jabber.org/jeps/jep-0022.html>
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