[jdev] The State of Our Code-bases

Justin justin at openaether.org
Sat Aug 28 14:22:23 CDT 2004

Nolan Eakins wrote:

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>Yesterday I was busy hacking away at Psi implementing MUC support. One of
>the things I was working on was arranging occupants by their role in the
>room. One of the tests I needed to do was change an occupant's role to make
>sure that the list item got placed under the correct role. Since I haven't
>got to the functionality of doing that within Psi, I decided to paste in
>and change one of the examples from JEP-0045 into my XML console.
>To my surprise I ran into a limitation of mu-conference 0.6.0. It lacks
>support for changing roles! When I sent an <iq/> based off of JEP-0045's
>example 104, I got an <iq/> back with its type set to "error". I tried some
>other examples and got the same thing. I figured mu-conference would
>support most of JEP-0045. I guess not.
Did you remove all superfluous whitespace in the iq stanza you sent? If 
you just copy/pasted then it won't work with mu-conference. 
Unfortunately, it is whitespace sensitive.

See http://www.jabberstudio.org/projects/mu-conference/bugs/view.php?id=3997


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