[jdev] Re: The State of Our Code-bases

Trejkaz Xaoza trejkaz at xaoza.net
Tue Aug 31 17:06:09 CDT 2004

On Tue, 31 Aug 2004 21:50, Ryan Eatmon wrote:
> The only answer we can think given the track record of jabberd, is that
> jabberd is not the project to base this on.  So start a new one, and
> write it in a currently popular language.  With the main goal not being
> scalability/performance, but rather showcasing Jabber and XMPP.

Sounds a bit like OpenIM, only OpenIM probably has potential for scalability.  
Since it's written in Java, the majority of people in the industry will know 
how to hack on it, making it the best choice by your criteria.

Of course, it would depend how the code looks.  I'm going to guess that it's 
reasonably good, but only on the grounds that it isn't C. ;-)


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