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Dan Plesse dplesse at optonline.net
Thu Dec 2 02:02:47 CST 2004


     Amazingly I did it. But my exodus client booted me out of my AOL
client, so I could not send messages to myself for testing. What I really
need now is to do the same thing only with java this time. Can this be done?

Thanks again, Dan.  

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Hi Dan,

Generally Jdev isn't the place for these kinds of questions, but I'll 
help out.

Connections to other networks in Jabber are called "transports", 
basically small programs on the server that sign onto your legacy IM 
account and send/recieve messages for you. You do not need to be on the 
same server as the transport in most instances.

To use a transport, most clients have some standard way of registering 
to them, usually by a server browser feature, but it realy depends on 
the client you use. After registering, the transport should appear on 
your roster. There should be some way in your client the transport 
connect to the legacy service in your name. After that, add contacts 
from the legacy service. Some enable you to do this easily (Psi and 
Pandion for instance) but for others you'll need to use a fake jid, for 
example aimusername at aim.server.domain. Then, that fake jid will request 
a subscription to your presence, and viola, your AIM buddy appears.

Don't expect much from transports, like buddy icons or file transfer, 
they just basically send and recieve messages. You'll also need to 
re-add buddies to your contact list, one-by-one.

I hope this helps.

Dan Plesse wrote:
> Hi All, 
> I signed up with a jabber server called bloodyxml.com and according to the
> public list at jabber.org it supports connections to the other networks
> (AIM, YIM, MSN) my question is how do you route a message to those
> Is it standard or do you have to contact the server admin people for that
> information and has anyone done it. I have an account with AOL so I would
> like to test this idea out.  Thanks Dan
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